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...massive development going on...

The largest of Scotland’s cities and currently one of the fastest growing in the UK, Glasgow is a city full of vibrancy where the traditional meets the dynamic. With an abundance of attractions on offer, from historic buildings and museums to cultural offerings in the form of theatre, ballet, and opera, it is a city with a growing appeal - thanks to its warm, well-humoured Glaswegian folk! Glasgow has undergone extensive regeneration over the years, some claiming it as one of the best examples of its kind globally. Work done around the waterfront on the Clyde River completely transformed its centre into a place where residents were happy to work and dwell. Development does not appear to be slowing down, with current projects underway including the transformation of the popular thoroughfare, Sauchiehall Street, and the £250m regeneration of Sighthill to include housing, a school and shared community facilities.


...more and more employment to come...

Bradford is rich in history and yet forward-thinking in terms of culture and growth, with its grand plans for regeneration already well on their way to making Bradford a great place to live, work and play. Bradford is the third largest city in the Yorkshire region behind Leeds and Sheffield in terms of income and the eighth largest nationally. It is currently growing beyond the national average and is due to increase even more in 2020/2021. Local businesses have increased significantly in numbers with major companies headquartered in Bradford. The last seven years have seen loads of money invested in Bradford including The Broadway shopping village, office developments and three new hotels. The award-winning City Park and Bradford Heritage Streets have both received a make-over and areas within the city’s ‘Growth Zone’ are creating more employment opportunities and seeing the number of residents and visitors increase.


...of course, the Beatles...

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in North West England. Its metropolitan area is the fifth largest in the UK. Its growth as a major port was paralleled by the expansion of the city throughout the industrial revolution. Liverpool is noted for its culture, architecture, and transport links. It is closely associated with arts, particularly music, and the popularity of the Beatles. The Economy of Liverpool is one of the largest within the United Kingdom, sitting at the centre of one of the two core economies within the North West of England. In common with much of the rest of the UK today, Liverpool's economy is dominated by service sector industries, both public and private. Over 60% of all employment in the city is in the public administration, education, health, banking, finance, and insurance sectors.